Friday, January 29, 2010

Week 2: Building Analysis

The Model / Survey team presented their work to date on the site model. Now that the base is almost finished, the aim is to finish the buildings for the group presentation next Monday, 8th February.

The team then discussed the different types of sketches, models and drawings that architects use at different stages of the design process. Examples were given of the Thermal Baths in Vals, Switzerland by the architect, Peter Zumthor. We later watched the beginning of a video documentary about this building, which Sean D heroically managed to download from Youtube!

We look forward to seeing the findings of the Light & Space (see image below), Materials & Structures, Environmental, Interviewing, and Video & Photography teams next week, so watch this space!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Week 1: A Walk to Clontarf Village & Workshop Introduction

On Monday, we walked from St. Paul's to Clontarf, sketching, observing and discussing the area around St. Paul's. We observed the different types of buildings in the area and noted the changes in activity as we walked from the school to the seafront in Clontarf. Sketches will be posted soon.

We also discussed the workshop programme for the remainder of the project, which will be as follows:
  1. Building Analysis: two weeks of looking at the existing school buildings and it's users in detail under the following headings: Dimensional Survey, Light & Space, Materials & Structure, Environmental, Interviewing, and Video & Photography
  2. Design Proposals: We expect the findings of the Building Analysis to highlight certain areas for improvement in the school. We will try to address these issues in the following two weeks by making different design proposals. 
  3. Competition Entry: The Design Proposals will be presented to the school staff and students on 19th February and the preferred design idea will be developed and submitted as our Space for Learning competition entry.